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  1. bluevictim
    Comedian: Yes, it was very fun. The ice falls were the highlight of that trip.

    IJustMadeThatUp: I grew up in Southern California, so I know the feeling.
  2. angel92
    Hey I past through there on the 24th of june and there was still a lot of Snow. Oh I just came back from my Humanitarian Club Road Trip It was the best. First we began on the 24th and drove to Ashland, Oregon. Went to the Shakespeare festival and watch "Much Ado About Nothing" at the Elizabethan Stage. I like how the theater is open so when the play started the bird were chirping and it sound like it was part of the play. Then We went to Portland, Oregon and explored the nightlife. The second day in Portland we went to the Real.Life.Exhibit. After that we went to the Rose Garden it was gorgeous especially since it was bloom season. We visited the Holocaust Memorial. Then again we went wandering around found the Fountain park their liked it a lot. Then we went to Eugene Oregon to visit the Saturday Market like the town nice and peaceful. We drove to Brookings, Oregon to visit some former teachers of my school. On the way their we saw the Famous Sand Dunes. We drove on the coast of Oregon the view of the sunset was just spectacular. The next day we were going to a cheese factory on the way their we say a dog walking on the road it appeared lost. The dog seem friendly and so we decided we are the humanitarian club we let the dog in the van drove to the nearest town and looked for help. We spent an hour doing that until one of the residents said that they would watch over the dog. It was to late to visit the factory,but we still had plenty of time to visit the Avenue of Giants. We stop at the immortal tree, then we went to the Eternal Tree House, after that we went on a short hike around where the Founders Tree is. That was my first time their loved the silence their was. It was so quite that you could here the tree creak and the river run. The trunk on those trees are huge especially when you see those that have fallen and how the earth does not let anything go to waste you could see other plants growing of the dead fallen tree. The last day Today we went to six flags in vallejo. This trip took six days and all of them went pretty fast! Maybe next time the Humanitarian club can go to Europe and help out their. Anyways sorry if some of the thing dont have to do with nature I just had to tell my whole trip with the nature parts in it.
  3. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    In August I am going to see Much Ado About Nothing at the Shakespeare Festival in Lake Tahoe. I have only been to Oregon once a long time ago, but I really liked it becasue it was very green and very rainy.
  4. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    I was up around close toward the base of the mountain here, where it was all very green with lots of trees and such ground around the road, and along side of the road there were three or four deer walking along. It is not uncommon to see them out in that area.
  5. JuniperWoolf
    Deer are nuts here. They keep attacking school children and holding up traffic, and their ticks are hard to keep off of your neck. We're kind of swamped with deer. I like the moose waaay more. They're hardly ever violent, and so awkward and fun to watch when they run.
  6. Lynne50
    I live in a very suburban area, near a fairly busy highway with only a small batch of woods across the street from my house. Very often, 3-4 deer will cross the road and wander in our backyards. It makes me so nervous. I want them to stay on the other side of the road. I have in fact, gone out and shooed them back to their own side. I do not want to see any hit while I'm looking at them. Of course, I wondered why my bushes looked so bare, and then it dawned on me. Deer!
  7. YearningGrace
    I use to be an "up north" person and even spent years living, hiking, and skiing in Colorado. However, for personal reasons, I've found myself living in Florida, and, while I love the water, I sorely miss the beauty of trees (palm trees just don't count). I've become obsessed with capturing them through photography and poetry. I love nature; thus, I joined this group, but you might find me a bit preoccupied with trees. In fact, I'm taking a trip "up north" next month just for a long weekend to experience apple trees in the fall once again (insert deep sigh here.)
  8. Ropemaster
    I'm new to the group. I posted some photos and hope you enjoy them. I'm surprized to see that the last message was 8-6-2009. Or maybe I'm not properly rooted yet.
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