Discussing James Joyce

  1. Pourya
    Joyce is known as one of the most perplexing authors of all time, so reading him requires a great deal of dexterity and erudition. Some people go as far as saying that he had a prescription for the modern man. As the expression goes, two heads are better than one. But i guess reading Joyce and figuring out what his prescription was needs more than one hundred heads or maybe even more. This semester at university, i've embarked upon a big project. This is about finding modernist techniques on the main works of James Joyce (mainly stylistic techniques), although i feel like i need to get help from other people and ask for their ideas. If there is anyone here who has read Joyce or who is interested in him, i would be glad to use the help
  2. thekingrat
    I recently read Ulysses front to back for the first time. Things I noticed while reading was Joyce's capability to do allow for many artistic styles with pun and humour to tell a simple story. The plot of Ulysses is simple, however, Joyce takes the tale of a man walking through Dublin and turns it into a Herculean feat. What could have been summarized in a chapter, Joyce uses to tell an intricate and very human story. His ability to understand the human mind is shown in the novel, and throughout the Modernist era of which Ulysses is the king.
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