Complete Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

  1. HolmesGirl
    This comprises of four novels and fifty six short stories revolving around the world's most popular and influential detective, the ingenious and eccentric Sherlock Holmes.
    I admit I am very biased, and cannot fault Conan Doyle's stories but then why would I? As soon as Holmes step into Victorian London's swirling fog from 221b Baker Street, I am hooked as they exercise their unique combination of detailed observation, vast knowledge and brilliant deduction.
    The stories are enjoyable, as he solves the most perplexing puzzles.Study in Scarlet provides an introduction to Holmes and Watson. with context for both their personal lives and how their relationship came to be. Watson gives you an account of Holmes and his deductions through his eyes, and is a reliable narrator that also tells you everything else that is going on in between. Although I enjoyed the short stories, I found there are more background twists and turns in a novel. Some I could guess the ending to, but not all.
    Sherlock Holmes is altogether very entertaining and even though Conan Doyle became sick of his own creation, and tried bumping him off to the horror of his fans, I'm glad he continued to write them. I'm now looking into pastiches of Holmes, and although the authors may or may not get the real 'essence' of the man in their own books, he is certainly an interesting,very complex and challenging character.
  2. Mark Mulhearn
    Mark Mulhearn
    After reading another book, I almost always go back to a couple of Sherlock's short stories before starting another novel.
  3. shreyashi sinha
    shreyashi sinha
    never forgoted. always fevrtd
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