Why is Lord of the Rings such a excellent work of Fantasy?

  1. Lote-Tree
    Why is Lord of the Rings such a excellent work of Fantasy?
  2. Bored Master
    Bored Master
    The world Tolkien created is rich and descriptive, and seems amazingly realistic. The characters are well defined and it has a good plot line, not to mention that he created 2 elvish languages and wrote the whole thing as a history. It's excellent because it's believable Tolkien knew how to write, except for the fact that he tended to ramble.....
  3. Lote-Tree
    Thanks for the reply I can't agree more. Do you think the landscape in Lord of the Rings also a character on it's own right?
  4. bare-elf
    Tolkien's Lord of the Rings is such an excellent work of fantasy, because he spent a great many years creating the back story, races, languages and landscape prior to every placing a story on the landscape. If you look at that elven languages that he developed there is a close relationship to his special subject in college Old Norse. To understand LoR and the hobbit one must read all of Tolkien's work related to middle earth, the short stories, the unfinished stories and his paper on the elven languages. Lord of the rings might not be a character in it's own right, but it is a complete world far richer than any other work of fiction. It would be very easy to live there.
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