Hi im new to this whole site and ive written a story not really a short but enjoy. :D

  1. ghiggins
    Cheating Death

    They say death is inevitable no matter how you look at it you are going to die. Yes some may be able to cheat death, but they always die in the end… This story however is about a boy that cheats death but for a cost that makes him become death himself.

    “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”

    ― Mark Twain

    Chapter 1

    The sun was dreary and there was a smell of death in the air. Gage was cold, as he walked to school and zipped up his jacket. He thought to himself ‘I have half the mind to just ditch today.’ He took his blue threaded backpack off his back to get into it. He thought about how well things had just started to get for him but then he had to move because of what happened. Then he pulled out the pipe he had in his back pack. He had just recently started smoking It helped him forget about what happened, and ease the pain. As he started to light the pipe he saw something from the peripherals of his eyes. It seemed to be a long dark figure.

    He muttered under his breath “could that be the same thing I saw before?” It couldn’t be. So he shrugged his shoulders and began to take a hit of his pipe when soddenly, he fell quickly with a sharp pain to his leg as Something fast and small ran into him, as his pipe slipped and broke. “The **** was that?” he said furiously then he realized it was a small girl with dark brown hair and humongous eyes that had been riding her longboard and not been paying attention. She quickly got up and ran over to Gage almost falling over again she was extremely clumsy it seemed. “Are you all right?” Hello? Gage couldn’t come to say anything he was just utterly stunned not by just the hit of the girl, but how beautiful he thought this girl looked. She had nice curves on her; he quickly pulled himself away from those thoughts. “Hey dummy are you deaf? I said are you okay? I’m so sorry I didn’t see you walking there.”

    He finally came up with what to say as quickly as possible so he wouldn’t look stupid. “Oh! Hi I’m Gage. Who are you?” As he said with a quirky grin totally forgetting about almost getting knocked out by this stunning girl he just met. She looked at him almost confused. “Are you freaking crazy!?” “Who in the hell says hi after almost getting killed by a bike?” Finally he came to and realized that he did just get hit by a bike, and felt a pain in his ankle as he grabbed it. The girl went to touch his leg, and he quickly grabbed her arm. Whoa dude I’m just trying to help you. “Look you’re bleeding”, as dark blood ran down his leg. The blood didn’t faze him because he was all too familiar with it.



    Gage’s mom quickly jumped in front of him, when suddenly a loud sharp bam that could be heard from miles away stung through the ears of Gage. Still stunned he got up and turned around to see his mom lying in a pool of blood on the ground. ‘Please, please, don’t let it be so.’ He couldn’t think his brain was dead and the next thought that came to his mind was revenge but before he could even turn to chase after the shooter he was already gone. He sat there for a few hours just crying over his mother’s death. “At what cost was my mother’s death for money? Why did it have to be her why not me?” He yelled as loud as he could into the sky. It began to rain when he heard a voice. “Be happy you cheated death once, for it will be the last.” He quickly thought nothing of it because the death of his mother was racing threw his mind.

    “Hey man I really think you should get that looked at… Gage?” “Huh?” Oh yea.” He tried to get up but felt a sharp stinging pain in his ankle again. “Hey not so fast let me help you.” The girl grabbed him by his arm and put it around her neck. “You are new around here are you going to be going to Valley End High School? Because I really think we should get you to the nurse” “Yea I am going there. So much for ditching today and getting high,” as he quickly stopped himself not realizing how the girl would react to what he said. “Oh, yea man I was just thinking about going to ditch.” She then reached into her pocket and gave her a small pipe with a skull on it. “I saw that you broke yours when you fell.” Gage looked at her and smiled. “You don’t have to do that that is yours I’ll be okay.” He couldn’t help to think that this girl was just really amazing and how much they seemed to have in common already. The girl shoved the pipe in his pocket. “How about this I’ll take you to get all fixed up and you can hang out with me after school and we can smoke one.” Gage couldn’t help but to just smile at her. “I guess I have no choice but to say yes to you.” They both began to walk to school. “I’m Nicole by the way, also hi and nice to meet you.” She smiled at Gage. “Maybe this place won’t be as bad as I thought.”
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