The League of Honourable Old Geezers and Geezerettes

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  1. Hawkman
    My lords, ladies and gentlemen (and any lurking hoi-polloi who qualify as none of the above). It is my duty to declare that this august association has been dormant much too long. It is suffering from neglect. Surely, there must be daily instances of outrage for the aged which any self respecting old git will feel honour bound to protest against! Since the members of this club are either too dispirited (or possibly deceased) I take it upon myself to reinvigorate the membership and to proudly and loudly declare that I am an old geezer. I shoot with a muzzle-loading black powder firearm (when not practising archery) I know how to speak English properly, and have vivid memories of the distant past, some of which are actually from a time before the date of my birth. I have never read Hello Magazine, have no knowledge of any celebrities who've come along since Peter Cook and know that spiritually, I'm a Cavalier. Everyone tells me so. "You have a Cavalier attitude," they say.

    So, geezers and geezerettes, rise up, (if your backs will let you) if not, be counted in your bath chairs, but above all, be heard!
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