Choice of religion

  1. tkgbtg690
    untouchables have been exposed to the liberal understanding of religion and its practices from time immemorial. The advantages of standing at the seams of the societies has its advantages. we get to choose the way of life we want. of course the open declaration of such deviation if leaked into the ears of the controlling groups would inevitably mean loss. But the danger never stopped us from experimentation,. We have come a long way from the early Marxist through and action to later leanings to right have all gone in accordance to our choices. but the relations with religions along the way has been bitter sweet. especially in case of Hindu religion. In the various writings on the Hindu religion i have never found the writer showing courage in addressing the issues and dilemmas that engulf the untouchable. It is here i had a lot of things to say. have i said it. i wonder sometimes.
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