lack of love?

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  1. ShadowFire
    I think that loneliness isn't dependent on the amount of love you have, but the amount of love you are experiencing is a major factor. There are certainly cases where you are loved and lonely. On the other hand, it is my perception that if one is loved he or she will feel less lonely than if he or she wasn't being loved. My take on it.
  2. caddy_caddy
    We cannot blame the others for all our life Mary . I stopped blaming others and I've been trying to fix things by myself . Untill now ,I failed .
  3. Maryd.
    Never mind Caddycaddy... It happens... I always say that when one is at the bottom of one's life, there's nowhere else to go but up... If that doesn't work, then here's a hug and a mwah. That is all I have to offer dear. I hope it helped a little.
  4. caddy_caddy
    A big hug to you Mary . You're so kind and tendre .
    It 's a very generous offer and this all what we need at many times .
  5. wsww
    hey there, seems like less n less of us care to write up in here as time passes. its been some time. i am crushed to pieces , on the verge , depression i feel , i dont want it . but the 1 true person i thought who came into my life would stay has left leaving me deeply wounded. am losing myself. ..... i just want to shout , cry and let out all my feeling and feel at all , it hurts and pain is too much for me to take . All these years i didnt mind being alone,,,.... but now that someone has added to it i feel so torn apart..........i did not want to lose him..........i could not believe he was there wile i thought it was a dream, helpless..........
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