Next Showing: The Constant Gardener

  1. Scheherazade
    Please join us watching The Constant Gardener on August 25.

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  2. Hawkman
    Hi Scher. This is a very good film and I already own it, which means I'm lucky enough not to have to rent - lol. This isn't a film for mocking and requires some concentration to follow the plot, so the thread may be a bit quiet during viewing, but it should provide lots to talk about afterwards, if anyone's still up, that is I'd love to join in. C U there and then.
  3. Paulclem
    Hi Scher,

    I'll see if I can make it.
  4. qimissung
    Yes, I would like to. Thanks for asking.
  5. TurquoiseSunset
    Sounds good! I'll see if I can get it at the video store.

    Incidentally Scher, I recorded 'The World According To Garp' the other day (I was so surprised when I saw it!), so I'm finally able to watch it
  6. Gilliatt Gurgle
    Gilliatt Gurgle
    Once again, I'll have to give a tentative and wait to see if the boss makes other plans come movie time.
  7. qimissung
    What time will we start watching the movie at US central standard time, anyone? Thanks!
  8. papayahed
    6 pm Qimi.
  9. Gilliatt Gurgle
    Gilliatt Gurgle
    It looks like I'll be able to join in at least for the time being.
    Hawkman's comment concerns me though. I'm not in the best frame of mind for a movie that will require a lot of concentration. nevertheless, I'm here but may end up hanging out in the wings.
  10. qimissung
    thanks, papaya
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