Next Showing: The Rum Diary (21/07/2012)

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  1. Scheherazade
    Would you like to join us watching The Rum Diary?

  2. cacian
    Sure I will. Is there a special thread for it ?
  3. Scheherazade
    I will create the thread on Saturday.

    We will watch the movie after midnight on Saturday.
  4. Sancho
    Scher! Yes I would. I've already read the book, so it'll be fun to watch the movie with a bunch of lit-minded people. The only glitch is, I'm bouncing around the Pacific during that time, so I'll need to check my schedule.
  5. Gilliatt Gurgle
    Gilliatt Gurgle
    Pencil me in as a strong tentative.
    I'll need permission from higher authority.
  6. iamnobody
    I'll try to make it!
  7. Hawkman
    Yes I would. Definitely up for this. I'll see you at the cinema - You bring nibbles, I'll bring booze - LOL.
  8. Scheherazade
    How about some nibbles made out of booze?

  9. Hawkman
    I prefer nibbles I can sink my teeth into, somthing that crunches
  10. Gilliatt Gurgle
    Gilliatt Gurgle
    Higher authority, her brother and his family just dashed my plans for watching the movie tonight.
    Sorry I have to bail out this time.
    Keep me on the invite list.
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