finding authors and critiques on this forum

  1. Rachel1965
    Hi all,
    been trying to find any information on "Sylvia Plath" that might be on here, I've tried the search feature but not having any luck, been introduced to 'Daddy' for the first poem of hers and found it quite unsettling.
    found quite a lot of stuff on the net about that poem, but it would be nice to chat to someone else and brainstorm.
    whats the book of the month at the moment? I would love to join in that.

    thanks again

  2. Scheherazade
    Hi Rachel,

    Here is a list of threads that are about Plath on the Forum:

    Alternatively, you can post the poem in our Poem of the Week thread to generate a little discussion:

    You can find more information on our Book Club readings here:
  3. Rachel1965
    HI Scheherazade,
    I tried that link, but it didn't give me anything just said search not found.
    hope everyone is okay?
    I have to write a sonnet for next weeks class and getting nowhere

  4. Scheherazade
    Rachel> Try this link and see if it works:

    Good like with the sonnet!
  5. Rachel1965
    Hi all,
    sorry I havent been around but have had assignments coming out of my ears lliterally, its my fault I didnt read all the way to the bottom of an email and got landed with a critique with a deadline of two weeks. managed to get it done. and ontime,
    just working on three essays and one presentation now. how do you manage to fit all the work in its really difficult

    take care
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