Fantasy Fans

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  1. LadyWentworth
    I HAD to join this one. You mentioned unicorns. I love unicorns! Very typical "girl", I know. The only thing that could stereotype me more as a female is liking the color combination of pink and purple (which I do ). Anyway, I have a big unicorn sitting on the floor right now. I will have to obtain a photo of it and show it off.
  2. Bakiryu
    Don't worry me too. unicorns are just so cool, better than midgets
  3. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    I have always loved the Peagasus.
  4. BulletproofDork
    Are pirates considered fantasy?
  5. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    Well sense there is proof that they really exsisted I am not sure how fantasy they are, but they do make apperances in varrious works of fantasy
  6. LadyWentworth
    Well, these are the unicorns that I own. The one in the middle is the big one that I mentioned earlier. It doesn't look like much here, but it is actually 2 feet high and about 3 feet long. Yes, I have that sitting inside. Then there is the baby one, which I had to get to go with the other one. Finally, there is the winged unicorn that I bought and have on my wall. I, too, love the pegasus. Thus far, this wall decoration was the closest I could get to a pegasus, but if you think about it, it is the best of both worlds.
  7. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    I have the severed head of a unicorn in my, I do not mean that as evily as it sounds...but there was a unicorn pinatte at some part when I was a kid, and the head of it got knocked off, and so I took the head becasue I thought it was cool, and still have it in the closet it.
  8. Bakiryu
    q: Are pirates considered fantasy?
    A: Extremely sexy pirates are Just think about it, real pirates didn't probably have toothbrushes or things like that, most likely they had scurvy. Fantasy pirates on the other hand are handsome blokes (and lassies).
  9. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    Hehe good point
  10. Niamh
    Did someone mention faeries!
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