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  1. Scheherazade
    OK, everyone... Come clean.

    When are your deadlines?

    Mine are all due by mid January but I need to complete a lot of research and prepare one presentation so I will have to complete some earlier to be able to hand in the assignments in time.
  2. Niamh
    I have one due in on the 4th or is it the 6th? of nov.
  3. motherhubbard
    I have a Materials File due TOMORROW! I'm not completely done. I'm not usually a procrastinator, I have some of November's assignments turned in. But, when I asked for clarification on this assignment, which wasn't well described, I didn't get it. So my best friend is in the same class and she met someone who had this assignment three years ago. That someone showed her her finished Materials File and that's how I've gotten my instructions.

    Man, am I a gripper or what!?
  4. Scheherazade
    Ouch. Good luck, MH!

    What is a gripper and what is a "materials file"?

    Niamh> You have about 3 weeks; if you write two sentences a day, it will be finished!
  5. motherhubbard
    Griper- one who gripes a lot (sorry about the pp when it should have been p)

    Materials file- resources for teachers including lesson plans, supplies, learning center, books, games, and anything that could be used to integrate curriculum. I have to break it down into subject categories. I'm working on 10 of 10! but my heart isn't in it.
  6. papayahed
    erm, I'm not sure. It says in the syllabi but I usually just wait for the professor to say something.
  7. motherhubbard
    Papaya- I wouldn't wait!

    Materials file submitted!!! woohoo
  8. papayahed
    Well, I'm back to eat my words. Last week the professor said to think about a topic for our next speech. I blew it off because I thought we had three weeks but tonight the prof reminded us our speeches are due next monday so now I have only 1 week to think of a topic and write a 5-7min speech. Anybody have an idea for an event or concept??
  9. motherhubbard
    Papaya- what kind of speach is it? You could talk about work?
  10. papayahed
    It's an informative speech and it has to be about an event or a concept. I was thinking of talking about a Jimmy Buffett concert or some type of mathematical theory. I thought about speaking about work (the process) but it's doesn't really fit into either category.
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