Dystopia Galore

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  1. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    While Dystopia is not exclusively "horror" in the traditional sense. It can be very frightening indeed, and certainly is dark, so I have opened this discussion for speaking about anything Dystopia related, as it is one of my favorite genres of literature.
  2. drakemortuare13
    What books would be considered as part of the "Dystopia" genre?
  3. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    Here is a list of books I have read which are considered to be Dystopia:

    Brave New World
    Animal Farm
    The Jungle
    The Handmaid's Tale
    A Clockwork Orange
    The Hunger Games (Book 1 of Hunger Games)

    That is all I can think of off the top of my head.
  4. drakemortuare13
    I've read part of 1984 and the Jungle, but I'll have to search for the others
  5. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    I loved The Jungle
  6. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    I have recently read The Road, and watched the movie, and thought they were both quite good. The book was of course a good deal better, but for the most part the movie stuck with the book and it offered some interesting possible intrepitions that might not have been drawn out of just the book alone.
  7. drakemortuare13
    Usually, the books are much better than the movies. The reasons being that you can put so much more into a book, whereas a movie has a time limit. Also, Hollywood just likes to screw with stuff.
  8. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    The movie was pretty close to the book, and there were some things within the movie which could suggest some interesting interpitations of the meaning behind the book, as the book was very open-ended.
  9. iamnobody
    I've read (and liked) all but Handmaid's Tale. I would also add Anthem by Ayn Rand and Farenheight 451 by Bradbury.
  10. kingoflombards
    Fahrenheit 451 is my favorite Dystopian novel mainly because of how well written it was. It ws very easy to relate to and not far fetched at all actually. If you take a look around, it is probably the one of the most realistic Dystopian novels printed in the respect that books would begin to be abandoned by people. Just in the last couple of weeks I have seen three book stores in my area close up.
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