1. RomaNosferatu34
    Dragon in Latin is Draconis.
    Four elements control all things, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
    Latin terms are: Earth:Terra
    Air: Aer
    Fire: Ignis
    The Four Elements of the world are believed to be Guarded by four WatchTower Guardians; Dragons.
    The names of those Dragons are in corralation to those elements:
    Earth: Terrateontis
    Air: Areometus
    Fire: Igniontis
    Water: Aquaometus
    Through out the world Dragons are recognized and honored in every world culture. They images unaltered, their names unchanged in reflecting their obligation: WatchTower Guardians.
    Even today the quest continues to find proof of their existance and bring back a piece of legendary fact that these once magnifiencent creatures roamed and controlled the four corners of our world.
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