First prank!

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  1. kingoflombards
    Okay guys! Here in the Den (sounds cooler than the full title) we will laugh our pants off about pranking innocent bystanders, siblings, and enemies.

    I'll start it off.

    One day, my older sister went out with my aunt for lunch and stuff, so when I heard her coming, I hid under the kitchen sink. When she approached the sink I pushed and pulled the sink hose up and down so it moved like a snake. Funny as Hell!!
  2. kingoflombards
    Okay guys and gals, I will tell you my #1 favorite prank to pull because it is anonymous and bothers sleeping people. It's easy. Just put something gross or mean on the snooze button of the alarm clock of your victim, such as a thumbtack, cold spaghetti, or jelly. They'll be sure to wake up then!
  3. KryStaLitsa
    iou iou iou!!!!complete gross!!I'd noway enjoy an experience like that...lucky I don't need an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning...
  4. kingoflombards
    Thanks for joining KryStalitsa!

    NEVER babypowder someones bed. The cloud settles down until someone decides to flip the sheets. The cloud of powder was so sickly that my sister got sick. Not the best prank.....
  5. KryStaLitsa
    oups..!!I hope she's alright now!
    I'd go for the prank with the salt instead of sugar into mum's coffee...But I guess that's classic...
    Alright,alright, I admit it:I'm not the family clown;I'm the one who is the usual and easy victim for such things...
    Maybe I don't belong here...
  6. kingoflombards
    Nope. This is a survival guide for you. Constant vigilance!
  7. kingoflombards
    More people(a person) joined! Thanks Maryd.!
  8. Maryd.
    No probs King, but you better produce the laughter... Waiting... waiting... waiting... Oh no, have just grown a grey hair waiting.... waiting... Argh a wrinkle toooo...
  9. KryStaLitsa
    lol...........don't worry!Grey hair are the sign of mature people... Not that I'd like to be one right now!!Anyway...,
    King you've read the Harry Potter series,right??"mischief managed", "constant vigilance" kept reminding me of somehting!!!
  10. kingoflombards
    Yup. I'm a Harry Potter fan(-atic)!

    Okay, one cool prank to do is to wake someone up in an unusual fashion, such as dressing up like weirdos and charging someone in their sleep. Me and 6 others did that to a friend of mine. He was cool with it. He thought he was dreaming!
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