Frankenstein interview on South Bank Show

  1. wessexgirl
    Hi, I know I haven't been here for a while, but I just wanted to say I watched an interview last night with Ken from 1994 when he was making Frankenstein. I didn't know I had it, and had obviously taped it at the time, and only found it after watching Measure for Measure, and it was at the end. I was watching in bed and kept drifting in and out of sleep, which led to Ken appearing in some very strange dreams . I tried to find it on youtube to post, but I don't think it's there. Anyway, it was good, (what I saw in between the dozing off ), so I'll watch it again. It was from The South Bank Show, which as anyone in the UK knows is the premier Arts programme, which has been running for years and has recently been axed . I don't remember ever having seen Frankenstein, so I'll have to get it. I know it didn't get rave reviews, but it looks good to me. I couldn't believe it was made in 1994, it seems like a couple of years ago.....where does time go ? Anyway, he looked great, although I didn't like the pony tail, but I think it was just that he tied his hair back as it was that long for the role. He was very nice in my dream........and not in the way I would imagine you're all thinking
  2. Janine
    hahaha....I love your post, wessexgirl. I haven't been in here lately either. I thought everyone abandoned poor Ken. At least they are faithful and enthusiastic on Youtube. I will have to hunt for that interview. You couldn't find it on Youtube. I have night sleeping dreams of Ken, too and also 'not in the way you all are thinking'...hahah. He was really very respectful to me and sweet.

    I love the film Frankenstein! It nearly follows the book, but there are some liberties/deviations. Not sure if I agree with those entirely, but it makes for a very exciting film and Ken never ever looked better. He's so toned and he must have worked out plenty for the part. He has a sensual sexy bod in this film; so do enjoy! I watch the film from time to time; because at first, I only got it through my library (special order); but then, I just had to own this film. I sleep with it under my pillow.......just kidding, wessexgirl. Have fun watching it. You will be quite in love with Victor from the start. Great supporting cast, too...many of are his regulars. Helena never looked better either. I love the period costumes! Ken looks so cute in ruffled sleeves.
  3. Janine
    I wish we could revive this group. Where is everyone??? Lots of new projects for Ken, or so I heard. I finally watched the second series of Wallander and loved all three! I think they surpass the first ones in photography and also in plot. Ken's acting is spot-on and even better than installment #1 in my opinion. Hope he wins a lot of awards for his fine performance and hope they make a Wallander #3 soon; I will buy it immediately when it comes out on DVD.
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