Dark Works

  1. RomaNosferatu34
    Hi Luna, I'm Roma. I love vampire books. Wrote three myself and working on number four. My favorite writer is Kim Harrison. Her books are full of Drama, action, romance, adventure and plenty of mysterical beings.
  2. Joreads
    Hi there. I love vampire books and movies. In fact I am in a movie/book club we watch a vampire movie once a month and have a detailed discussion about it. We read three books every six months and discuss those. we are currently reading the first three Sookie Stackhouse novels.
  3. RomaNosferatu34
    I recently took in Vampire Diaries, and I was surprisingly amazaed how awesome the show is.
    Edge of your seat tail gripping. Most Tv shows are lacking, but this one is fabulous!
    I love anything in connection to Vampires , Werewolves, Etc.
    Do you belong to Vampire Rave? I do, it's my favorite Cave! LOL.
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