Lovely Complex

  1. crystalmoonshin
    Summary: Koizumi Risa and Otani Atsushi have always been known as a comedy duo in school. Sure they are friends, but they do bicker all the time, except when it comes to Umibozu, their favorite rap artist. Then Risa starts to like Atsushi and confesses her feelings but the boy just want them to be friends. Risa is taller than most girls, and Atsushi's a midget. That poses a problem for the two but eventually, they learn to be honest to their feelings regardless of what people say.

    When people ask me to recommend a shoujo (for girls, so expect cheesy romance in most) anime, this immediately comes to mind. With 24 episodes all in all, it's not the least bit boring. You may want to watch it alone, though and prepare some tissue beside you.

    Anyway, let me pose a question: Does height matter in a relationship?

    Ideally, we look not on physical appearances but what's inside. But honestly, I prefer a guy taller than me. I'm already short, at less than 5 ft. and the idea of having a bf shorter than me is unimaginable.
  2. Maximilianus
    Hmmm... if the lady is taller, the guy has two choices. He can either jump and grab himself by her neck to avoid falling, which is romantic, because she's gonna have to hold him tight... or her neck will break , or they can both kneel to each other and that would be romantic too
    Another alternative would be that the shorter one steps on a stool, and they'd be leveled
    Now, if the guy were taller the lady could do exactly the same he could do if she were taller
    Get my point? I have it all figured, see?
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