Sci-Fi Lovers UNITE!

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  1. Lily Adams
    Lily Adams
    Science fiction is DELICIOUS.
  2. ClaesGefvenberg
    A Sci-Fi group? How could I, as a long time SF freak resist that? I'm currently rereading the Ringworld series, btw. How about the rest of you?

  3. sprinks
    What do you guys think of the whole "Star Wars: the Clone Wars" thing? I was watching a thing about it on tv... And now the first Star Wars movie will be on tv soon and the whole thing has just come so far!
  4. Pensive
    I will have to admit having read little of science-fiction but looking at my latest obsession with Strugatsky Brothers I thought I should join it!
  5. LadyWentworth
    I don't know what I think about "The Clone Wars" yet. It looks interesting. I am debating with myself whether I will pay to see it or wait for the DVD. But I have to admit that being an obsessed Star Wars fan, I feel obligated to see it while it is still in the theater.
  6. Niamh
    hummm.... Sci fi is cool. Love Fantasy more though!
  7. papayahed
    I don't think I like the whole Clone Wars thing, but at least it doesn't mess with the originals. I might see it on DVD.
  8. motherhubbard
    I just want a trip in the tardis!
  9. Bakiryu
    So do I Mh!
  10. papayahed
    Anybody watching eureka?
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