Favourite Horror authors?

  1. Pio DM
    Pio DM
    Favourite Horror authors? (Film or Book author?)
  2. Pio DM
    Pio DM
    My personal favourite book author is H.P. Lovecraft and director would have to be Alfred Hitchcock.
  3. August Guelfen
    August Guelfen
    My favorite horror books, well a very long list. Where
    should I start ? "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler, it is so hypnotic by it's own stoic truth of fatalism
    that I got worried about the fact that I understand und feel it's truth of final destruction of everything alive
    on the planet to make it as inhabitable as the sun. Often I share all these ideas of fatalistic suicide into total
    sleep of embrazing endless, perhabs peaceful, darkness. It is comperable to ragnaroek, the mythological
    nurse dawn of the last day of the nine worlds, when Fenrir, the traped wolf, will be realeased from his evil prison to kill and eat Odin together with his amour. It shows some kind of similarity to the christian lithurgy of apocalypse, but ragnaroek is a lot more primitive and cruel on the one hand, but on the other, it shows a bit more human reactions by the whole action and it's dramaturgy. It resembles me a lot of the tragedies by
    Sophocles. It is beautiful for someone, who fears to live lonely and die lonely, without any person around, who would care. I think I am such kind of person. If I am still welcome here in your group, I could share a lot more about all these kind of strange beleaves and thoughts, mine and others from earliest times until today and a lot more futuristic hypothetic futures. A reaction to all that would be great. Monologues are very important for me, from the age of seven until today, but to read somekind of answer or idea would be interesting too. Regards.
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