friends is it important to get famous as an artist?

  1. gagan deep
    gagan deep
    in my opinion its all about you expressing your thoughts through arts..what do u think>???
  2. Iain Sparrow
    Iain Sparrow
    For me, it was never important to become famous... I'm a visual artist, and while in school and afterwards my goal was to be a "professional" artist. That is to be good enough to make part of my living as an artist. Beyond that I always worked toward being more proficient and skilled. and confident. I think any artist working in any medium should stretch themselves, take risks and explore their gifts as an artist.
    Here's an example of my work...
  3. Beyan
    @gagan deep: It's true what you said plus that you are representing you in another dimension, basically, your art work is a reflection of real you, how you perceive the world with everything in it.
  4. Beyan
    @Iain Sparrow: What an amazing art work ..
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