My shrine's song

  1. mounirmc
    I loiter alone
    I keep my heart in my torn pocket
    I walk with no feeling
    I walk with no path
    I walk, just to walk
    I lost my heart in a dark stone
    I see the stone bleeding
    And my love, cries by it
    She thinks i am dead
    Thatís why i loiter with no exequy
    With hard snuff
    With my empty lap
    With my broken crutch
    With my deep sorrow
    With my frosted body
    Thatís why i loiter alone
    Just to steal my repentance from my sudden death
    And fade away
  2. Devilio
    Like it for some reason
  3. gideeguy
    Tis a nice piece
  4. ZeeBennett
    This is really amazing
  5. Tony Mike
    Tony Mike gloomy! Is that a Shrine's Song, or an elegy for a lost soul? Perhaps The Elegiac Un console? ��
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