As Nature Intended

  1. HolmesGirl
    I used to go for long walks with my husband when he was still alive, as we lived quite near to town but also on the verge of some wonderful countryside. From early summer until late autumn, we would walk in our local parks and woodlands, seeing the changing face of nature around us, as the May blossom appeared giving way to brilliant summer sunshine, and then slowly winding down towards the end of another year, as the leaves changed colour on the beautiful old oaks, one of which was 400 years old. We need to escape the hustle and bustle of city life sometimes, and get out into the fresh air of our beautiful English countryside. Away from the fumes and pollution, the noise and yelling of people with no time to stop and take a breath, the mobile phones and laptops, the queues and traffic jams, and try to remember that there is another world waiting for us. A shady knoll for us to just stroll quietly through, where the peace calms our mind, along with our body and soul.
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  3. Dreamwoven
    I have just joined this group and wanted to let folks know that there is a Cloud Appreciation Society:
  4. Dreamwoven
    Here I list my threads on nature topics. The first post defines the subject, but I should have used much more general topic headings. Canada Goose (Birds would have been better).

    Wolverine (scavengers, or even animals, would have been better)

    Rowan Trees and Birch Trees could have been left as Trees.

    Clouds shows i have learned my lesson, at last!
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