1. Maximilianus
    Has anyone seen the Japanese movies Azumi 1 & 2. I'm about to see them. I learned the movies are based on a manga, that I haven't read... anyone has? Anyone knows if they also made an anime series?
  2. crystalmoonshin
    First time I've heard of such a manga. I found an article in wikipedia. In my list now, after seeing the cast... Ueto Aya as Azumi!!!! (Not that I'm a big fan of Ueto but I love her song "Kansho" and would like to see her in a movie/drama.)
  3. Maximilianus
    I understand the first movie was very acclaimed in Japan, received many awards and she even got one as a revelation star or something alike. She plays an orphan girl who is raised and trained by a samurai master... though I can't say much because I still can't find the time to see the movie in its full length. Anyhow, I've seen some loose scenes depicting her wielding a katana while fighting some bad guys and she seems very skillful

    Ueto would be her surname or firstname?
  4. crystalmoonshin
    Ueto's her last name. In Japanese, the family name comes first before the given name. Like Kurosawa Akira... Kurosawa is the last name, but people say "Akira Kurosawa" sometimes. The same thing in Chinese, family names are mentioned first.
  5. Maximilianus
    Thank you for the detailed explanation moon! In a name like Zhang Ziyi, that I have sometimes found as Ziyi Zhang, which one is the correct (I mean Eastern) word order?
  6. crystalmoonshin
    Zhang Ziyi would be the one in correct order.
  7. Maximilianus
    Thanks again, moon!
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