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  1. Beautifull
    This Social Group is dedicated to those who love pets, own pets, take care of pets...anything pet-associated!

    here you can give advice, post pictures of your pets, or just plain talk about you pet.

    what's the lastest funny-goofy thing your pet has done? you can tell us about it!

    have you lost a pet? we can have a "moment of silence" for them...give our greatest efforts to cheer you up... you'll be to in no time!
  2. Beautifull
    i have one of my puppies on my bed right now, and he keeps licking my arm. then he almost fell of the bed trying to find a comfortable place under my balnket...he's all black with a little pepper color running in between his eyes. he's got white around his neck and brown eyebrows. he's also very curious about the computer and keeps sniffing it.
  3. Helga
    it can be so funny when little pups are curious... when my 8 year old was just a small pup, like 3 month old he couldn't walk backwards so every time he went behind the couch he was stuck and I had to help him find his way back... it was very funny

    also he used to sleep in my bed and one night he woke me up by stepping on my chest and when I woke up there was little noise in his tummy and then he burped. he was just scared because of the tumble in his tummy.
  4. Beautifull
    aww that's so cute! i mean the whole part with getting stuck behind the couch!
    i have had so many pets that i can't count them all...they've just been part of my family. i've actually nursed the three male cats i have right now back to health...and i plan on keeping up the nursing animals....so! i will become a veterinarian, for my future pets' lives!!!
  5. Helga
    I think it's a really tough job to be a veterinarian, a job were your patients often hate you but their owners love you. my younger one Sisco was just 8 weeks old when he couldn't his number 2 and there came only blood and I took him to the vet and they thought it was in his liver and might not live, they put him in solitary and he was so scared, now every time I take him to the vet he barks like crazy, probably scared that I will leave him there again. this scares me too because I want to have him neutered but I don't want to leave him there again...

    maybe I'll just ask to stay until he falls asleep...
  6. Beautifull
    awww...i wouldn't want my pet to go through that, but when they need to get better, or when they need to get rid of their pain, it's the vet that does, it. i mostly decided i wanted to be a vet because i want to help my own pets when they need me. but i'm sooo happy i'm not the only one who treats my pets as family, they deserve that much from their owners, right?
  7. Helga
    of course they are family and I think there is a big difference in acting like they are babies or just thinking of them like your babies. I say I have 3 boys cause Spock and Sisco are my boys too but that dosen't change the fact that I treat them,in most ways, like dogs. people tend to forget they have dogs and don't raise them the way a dog should be but as a kid. like the so called 'small dog syndrome' just because you can hold your dog or have him in a purse dosen't mean you should it does no good for the dog.

    but they are definitely family.
  8. Beautifull
    it's so cute, i'm training my four puppies and they are so cute. they know(when they're in the house) that when you clap, they're supposed to go lay down by the door. and then thhey give you the puppy eyes. the only problem so far is that they keep peeing on the carpet in the living room, one of them actually comes all the way down the hall just to crap in between me and my sister's bed. and they also go to the restroom on the linoleum in the kitchen.which maked me !
  9. Maryd.
    Hi all, just wanted to say hello. And as the thread says Pet Appreciation, is why I joined this group. I appreciate my pets. Dog, cat, budgie and bird eating spider. (Although I don't like to call the spider my pet, he is my sons)
  10. pussnboots
    I found a recipe this morning for dog food dumplings and thought I'd give it a try. Well I made them and my dog of course ate them so I'll assume she liked it. The big test will be my aunt's dog cause she is a finicky eater. Here's the recipe if anyone wants to give it a try:

    Dog Food Dumplings
    2 eggs beaten
    1 teaspoon oil
    1/2 cup water
    1 cup dry dog food

    *Pulverize dry dog food in blender or processor until smooth
    *mix eggs, oil and water in large bowl
    *stir in the dog food until well mixed
    *drop spoonfuls into boiling water
    Make sure water is boiling, if not mixture will fall apart
    *boil for 3 minutes
    *remove with slotted spoon and let cool
    *store in refrigerator

    makes 12 dumplings

    This is excellent for an added treat to your dogs regular food or for those dogs that have to be on a soft food diet.

    Next I am going to try to bake dog biscuits.
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