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  1. Scheherazade
    Summer Poetry Competition will end on August 20th!

  2. ShadowFire
    I may not be the best poet but I love writing it.
  3. Pensive
    Yeeeeees and all the time I think looking at all the crappy poems I have written, "Now stop Pensive, for heaven's sake" but you know P is for Pensive and P for Poetry.
  4. eyemaker
    I may not be a very good poet but then I love poetry and I think It would be great to join here.
  5. Niamh
    love poetry. Love writing it too!
  6. barbara0207
    I love writing poetry when I have the time and am not too stressed out.
  7. Virgil
    Hi there poets.
  8. ShadowFire
    Well, barbara0207 I write when I am stressed. Or just as a form of a release really.
  9. Nossa
    I love reading and writing poetry, I'm not sure I'm a 'poet' though.
  10. TheFifthElement
    I rode to meet you: dreams
    like living beings swarmed around me
    and the moon on my right side
    followed me, burning.

    I rode back: everything changed.
    My soul in love was sad
    and the moon on my left side
    trailed me without hope.

    To such endless impressions
    we poets give ourselves absolutely,
    making, in silence, omen of mere event,
    until the world reflects the deepest needs of the soul.

    Louise Gluck
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