Faerie Fans

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  1. Stargazer86
    Oh yay! A faerie fan page!! I'll start posting some pix

    Who are your favorite faery artists?
  2. Niamh
    froud hands down! silly question!
  3. Stargazer86
    well I know that about you, Niamh :P That's pretty obvious

    Oh I found this link that sells figurines, ornaments, jewlery etc of a lot of faery stuff. They have the Jessica Galbreth zodiac series and seasons series. Actually the whole site looks pretty cool!
  4. Niamh
    I have a signed advance of World of Faerie that i really need to frame!
  5. Stargazer86
    Nice! I'm loving the pix you're putting up
  6. Niamh
    i need to uplaod a load more from the computer! help yourself to any you dont have!
  7. Niamh
    i've added a load more!
  8. Stargazer86
    Oh wow...you sure have!! Lovely pix!

    Did you check out that link at all?

    Oh, and I put up the Jessica Galbreth Capricorn faery cause I noticed by your birthdate that you must be a Capricorn I'll search and post the rest of her zodiac faeries later
  9. Niamh
    those three are pretty!
  10. Stargazer86
    Well we have lots of pretty faerie pix on here, but let's get some discussion going. What do you like about faeries? Which artists do you like? What are your favorite stories about faeries?
    I like Brian Froud and Jessica Galbreth. I love the mystical, beautiful, shimmery faeries. Mostly the dark/night ones. I really started to get into faeries after reading a Midsummer Night's Dream in 8th grade. I started googling pix and collecting items. My daughter's room is mostly faeries. I'll see if I can find a pic from the cover of the Midsummer Night's Dream book that I used to have. It's lovely
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