The Larry Appreciation Society

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  1. Lily Adams
    Lily Adams
    Larry roolz.
  2. Weisinheimer
    I love you, Larry!!
  3. pussnboots
    to the people that have already had the pleasure of visiting with Larry, why not repost some of his pictures here in his new home ?
  4. Niamh
    five members already! Cool!
  5. Niamh
    thats a great idea Pussinboots! Should get Virg to add some first seeing as he had Larry first!
  6. Petrarch's Love
    Petrarch's Love
    I am proud to call myself a Larry Appreciator! What do we do? Drink lots of tea and whiskey? Do we need to come up with some sort of anthem or poem or something to ritually recite at the start of our Larry Appreciation meetings? Using this as a place to consolidate all the pics sounds like a good idea. Let me know if you'd like me to upload my Larry documentation at some point.
  7. Virgil
    Hey I was the first to get Larry. I should have special previlidges in this group.
  8. Niamh
    virg you where given a lovely sketch of a sword done by yours truely as a little gift to say thats for being no. 1 on larrys journey...but it seems to have made its way to Louisiana with your postcard!
  9. symphony
    Looking forward to having Larry in Bangladesh!
  10. Virgil
    Oh Niamh, was I supposed to keep that sketch of the sword? I didn't realize. Yes it was lovely. Now I'm kicking myself for misunderstanding.
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