Classic Films

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  1. BienvenuJDC
    Mathor...there's one especially for you!!
  2. Mathor
    "Your husband is wanted by the American Government
    Audrey: (pauses, looked horrified)Can I.... Can I have a sandwich?
    "What kind?"
    Audrey: CHICKEN!
  3. BienvenuJDC
    one picture that is...feel free to add more...and that goes for everyone!!!
  4. *Classic*Charm*
    I just had to add Ingrid
  5. Mathor
    Oh Ingrid!
  6. Mathor
    Cary Grant: How about you let me be Vice President in charge of cheering you up?
    Audrey: (looks sneakily) Starting tonight...?
  7. *Classic*Charm*
    And a couple more...
  8. Mathor
    There needs to be more Cary Grant on here.
  9. BienvenuJDC
    I don't know...but I think that the women were more beautiful "real" beautiful!! And it seems that their poses were...I'm not sure what it is about their poses... But I love they way they look.
  10. LadyWentworth
    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! I just recently joined another forum for classic films, but I would like to discuss them over here, too.

    I will have to go searching through my collection of pics to post here. I will probably go a little crazy!

    I have to say that I completely agree with you about the actresses. I am not saying that all modern actresses are unattractive, but for the ones that are attractive, they lack that certain something that the old-timers had. For one thing, I don't think any of the actresses today are actually as beautiful as the ones back then. Then there is the fact that I think that they all class back then. I think their class and elegance pours out of the photos.

    My personal favorite (and the one person that I have always wanted to look like) was Ava Gardner. I even use her as the photo in my blog.

    But for now I will post my personal hometown favorite (the only person that surpasses Gene Wilder as the hometown fave ), Spencer Tracy. I think I will include one of the pics with Kate.

    You know what, though? The way that I feel about the beauty, class and elegance of the old actresses, that is the way that I feel about the actors. I seriously don't think any of the men today compare to the men of the past. Even the roughest of men were smooth around the edges.
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