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  1. j.k.taylor
    Is abortion a moral thing, and is the human embryo a person, or a mass of cells?
  2. j.k.taylor
    O.K, another few questions- Is there really such a thing as 'global warming,' and do we need to watch out?
    What do you think the future will be like? Who will be the next major Global power?
  3. LostPrincess13
    Hello there! I'm in our school's debate team, so I guess this group might prove to be quite helpful.

    To start off, I'd like to answer your first question, Mr./Ms. Taylor. The answer would depend on where one believes life begins. To most people, life begins at conception, i.e., the meeting of the sperm and the egg. Others say that the sperm and the egg are already living organisms (that is why artificial contraception is a major issue in some religions), and should not be hindered from meeting. Other people believe that a person can only be considered human if he/she has already been born (the baby). Therefore, the question of the morality of abortion is highly subjective.
  4. BienvenuJDC
    If a human embryo is just a mass of cells, what change occurs to those cells upon leaving the womb? Is a human being just a mass of cells?
  5. j.k.taylor
    I firmly believe that from the moment of conception, the embryo is a human and must be treated as such. there is no change in the baby as it leaves the womb. i guess we could all be considered masses of cells, just like the rest of the matter in the universe- but what sets us and the baby apart is that we are alive, made in the image of God, and have souls. if an abortion takes place, it is equivalent to a murder- no matter how developed the embryo is. so i guess another way to ask the question would be, is the murder of unborn children moral?
  6. BienvenuJDC
    BienvenuJDC're preaching to the choir... But if we are going to have some controversy...somebody has to disagree...
  7. j.k.taylor
    o.k.- sorry. I think that perhaps we out to switch to a different subject... any ideas?
    who do you think the next major global power is going to be and why?
  8. breathtest
    Hi this seemed like the most interesting group to join!
    Does anybody agree that Guntanamo Bay should have been closed down a long time ago?
  9. kingoflombards
    Considering that those released are already back in action? I don't think we should have released all of the prisoners like that. If Guantanamo Bay was going to be closed, the prisoners should have been transfered to another penetentary/ jail.
  10. breathtest
    Some of them have been. They are all getting trials before being released or sent to a proper jail. They never got a trial before. A lot of them that spent years in guantanamo were in fact found to be innocent after a trial.
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