Yo! Library workers

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  1. Nightshade
    hello hello hello
    Do you lovelibraries? ( I know I know that campaign has been over since june 2007 but until my sticker falls off my badge Im going to keep quoting it!!) Whats your library like? whats you funniest and worst customer story?
  2. sprinks
    One of the strangest things I've had asked of me was by two young girls yesterday, asking me where "the best hiding spots in the library are". In the junior section I'd keep walking past and one of them would have squished themselves between a shelf and a wall.
  3. Chava
    Haha, we're actually handing out mock tatoos that say "I (heart) my bookstore" at my store. I'll put it on sometime and post the pic.
  4. Nightshade
    oh bless sprinks, we usualy have 'treasure hunts' in the library I think one of the ones that stick most in my mind is, "oh do you still use library cards2
    Mock tattoos... we usually have stickers but I like the idea of tattoos i might nag the head of service and see if we can get those for the big change over this summer.
  5. sprinks
    now that is classic, nightie. I'm a little lost as to what one guy today was looking for, he asked for novels about dragons, but then kept looking in the non-fiction section!! . Oh well!

    And they sound cool Chava!
  6. BlueSkyGB
    Great idea for a group....glad to join....
  7. Niamh
    I sell books rather than loan them but good to join!
  8. Chava
    It's funny to think, this is the book lovers' Hero's group. Where would a book lover go if they couldn't find a store or a library?
  9. sprinks
    the internet? eBay!
  10. Nightshade
    Boo hiss shame on you sprinks!!
    I wonder if I can chaneg the name to the Book lovers' heroes hangout?hummm
    Sprinks let me think about it but Im fairly sure there was a book written in the 80s fictional/nonfiuctional ( a bit like science of the disc world ) about the exsitance of dragoins, loads of logical perfectly plausible theories in it, or so Ive heard...
    I had alittle girl come running into today ( she was under 5 may 3 or 4) shouting HELLO library lady and gushing 19 to the dozen about the snowman book she had borrowed last time. I love that kid!
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