The Lit-Net Generation

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  1. NickAdams
  2. Virgil
    What a great idea for a group Nick. I don't have any thoughts on it yet, but let me think about it.
  3. Amundsen
    thank you
  4. Niamh
    Great idea!
  5. andave_ya
    interesting! Indeed where do we begin?...
  6. kilted exile
    kilted exile
    Ok, so I've accepted the invite, but not sure exactly what we are discussing
  7. Virgil
    Let me just say that I think meta fiction has run its course. At least I hope so. But it probably hasn't.
  8. JBI
    We need a poetry competition - I don't stand a chance of winning a short story one, and the narcissist inside me wants a "notable author" mention.
  9. JBI
    Oh, and Virgil, you haven't even seen the beginning of metafiction- if anything it is getting more important - try Kroetsche's The Studhorse Man, I think it's up your alley.
  10. NickAdams
    kilted exile,
    I wanted to get the writers of lit-net together to ... set my trap. Now!

    Future generations may look back on us and find common elements in our work which unite us, but I think it's the economical advantage we have over our predecessors that unites us. I'm referring to self-publishing and with ebooks and amazon you can avoid the regret writers often feel after signing a deal with a vanity press, which haunts you like the mistake of a drunken one night stand. You keeps the rights to your work and get to enjoy your meal at the table, instead of waiting for you publisher to finish their dish so they can give you those pauper crumbs they ironically call royalties.

    I'm not totally withdrawn from reality (what have you heard?); I know this creates a huge problem for dedicated writers. There is no quality control and that's the guarantee established publishers can offer their readers. That is our obstacle. How can we guarantee quality?

    There is another obstacle and that's how do we promote ourselves? Ebooks and amazon gives writers the same opportunity myspace gives musicians. There is no quality control and promotion is a friend request followed by constant bulletins. The difference is that musicians need only minutes of a listeners time, which is not true for authors.

    There are many writer/reader websites. What's interesting about Lit-Net is that it's mainly for readers and houses well known authors of the past, but has a good amount of writers. This distinguishes that site as one whose members are passionate about literature a not one of the many writer sites that Brown, Rowling, Meyers opportunist flock to. I know a lot of you are not interested in publishing and but you are here because you love literature and I think that is some level of quality control.
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