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  1. mosimo
    OK this is the first message I am just posting it to get things started. Anyone is free to join this will be fun. You can go on ahead an invite people if you like. This idea is as I already stated we will together as a group read an analyze short stories. This will be fun come enjoy. You don't have to have written a short story you just have to be willing to have some fun.
  2. Virgil
    God, I belong to so many of the groups I don't know if I have the time. But I love the art of the short story and have to be a member of this one. So which story did you want to talk about Mosimo?
  3. mosimo
    I don't know but it seems we need a way of being able to work through all the short stories in some sort of order. Either we could start with the latest ones that have been posted and if more get posted work on those then work are way back in time or start at the back and work our way forward. Both methods contain good reasons for following them. The other way to go to it would be to try and go through those stories which have received the least recognition first. I really dont know what to do I just noticed that something needed to be done.
  4. mosimo
    It might also work to go with nominations from the members. I really am open to anything. Additionally this group should not take up a lot of time for anyone because it will be focusing on one story a week meaning at max the amount of time it should take will be only about an hour a week unless one desires to invest more time in it.
  5. mosimo
    Just trying to keep up with all the new stories being posted is a full time job. I just started the group could someone else try to direct it I am no leader.
  6. Parvez Ahmed
    Parvez Ahmed
    @mosimo - This is a great idea of yours. There are so many good stories in the forum.

    A little bit of appreciation might propel someone to lofty heights of the muse as was the case with Charles Dickens, when as a boy he received a few good words from one editor, and from that day he never looked back.
  7. mosimo
    Yes, sorry that I have been a bit busy lately and have not really had the time to read that many stories. If anyone runs across a phenomenally good story report it here for others to be able to read it. You can also rate it from a 1 to 10 with 10 being the best. Look for style, grammar, plot, and general readability of the story.
  8. MissScarlett
    Mosimo, my favorite stories are:

    "The Kiss" - Chekhov
    "The Lady With the Little Dog" - Chekhov
    "Miss Brill" - Katherine Mansfield
    "Prelude" - Katherine Mansfield
    "The Daughters of the Late Colonel" - Katherine Mansfield
    "The Blind Man" - D.H. Lawrence
    "The Horse Dealer's Daughter" - D.H. Lawrence
    "Lilacs" - Kate Chopin
    "The Story of an Hour" - Kate Chopin
    "A Rose for Emily" - William Faulkner

    All of the above are 10s for me, but perhaps all have been read and discussed somewhere here before as all, except maybe the Chopins, are very popular. If you want more modern stories, let me know and I can try to think of some I've read recently.
  9. wrc
    Hello. I joined this group because I want to contribute to other writers and get feedback for my work. I'm new to Messege Boards, Foums, etc. and learning to get around, the rules, the lay of the land, is like a Crazed Snake Dance. But I'm learning.
    Someone said there are many Short Stories in these forums. Where are they? I can't find them.

    Is this a Tread or a Foum? Why not invite Short Stories, and invite members to comment on them? This helps both parties.

    I love reading successful Short Stories, whatever that means. The problem with commenting on a successful Short Stsory is there's not much to say. If it really works you can talk about the content, and a litttle about the techniques employed. For for the beginning writer, they need aware Readers to talk about how they were affected by the story and why, and once they know the INTENT, how to realize that better. I have a long list of Short Stories that I love but feel a llist has little value to others.

    I have a Short Story I want to submit to the Forum's Short Story Contest, but can't find any info on it. Someone please advise me.

    Have a great Witing Day!
  10. heartwing
    Hello WRC. There is a thread for the short story contest. A couple of people have posted their stories there, including yours truly here. I hope you will post.

    I'm waiting to see if outside of the contest there is a cause for starting a thread where various people can post their stories, like a short story salon. This wouldn't be for a contest but simply for the purposes of sharing. It would be a way to streamline the posts and hopefully encourage regular viewing, commenting, and posting original work. Stay tuned.

    Contest thread:

    Likely you have already found this by now. This is the only group I'm in at this point. I just joined the forum. Is anyone still reading and active?
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