Thirty and Up

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  1. LC_Lancer
    I know it said 'and up', but I thought I was a little too old to join, but I have some of the things you mentioned above. I hope some of the conversation will not be mature just as long as it is in fun.
  2. Psycheinaboat
    Well, it looks as if it may be just me and you. I recently found out that there is a Geezers club here, so this idea isn't as original as I thought.
  3. Virgil
    I joined, but this should be consolidated with the Geezers thread. No?
  4. LC_Lancer
    I do not consider myself a 'Geezer' so this idea is ok. The thread could be called "30 to 55". Thinking that is when one is eligible for an AARP membership.

    Any topic of discussion?

    I will start: We all can use a computer. When did the PC arrive in your high school?

    As for me, it was one math room which had only three computers. We needed to sign up about two weeks in advanced to get to use it to complete a class project.
    The year before, the middle school had one in the library for us to use, but the lessons were very basic.
  5. Virgil
    Well, I am definitely an old geezer.
  6. papayahed
    I think geezerhood is a state of mind whereas over 30 is a state of being.

    I remember in HS we had a computer lab where we learned to create a program in basic. We had to take a typing class before we could take the computer class.
  7. Janine
    Wait a minute LC Lancer - can I join? I am 58....I exceed your "30 - 55" limit. When I turned 50, I tore up that paper that came from the AARP! If I did not have so many aches and pains, I would still feel like I was 20. Anyway, I have to tell you all - in my HS we did not even have electric typewriters - seriously - and we had not even heard of a computer - heh, what was that contraption, anyway? No wonder I could not type in HS - the manual TW's were murder on ones finger muscles.
  8. LC_Lancer
    YES!!! Janine you can join. Since you "tore up" the AARP paper and you "would still feel like I was 20" without the pains, you are most welcome. If you felt like '20', would you feel too young for the group?

    I remember learning to type from my grandmother on a manual TW she saved. "Ouch" is the word that comes to mind. I was excited to get to HS to see the electric TW

    Anyway, the limit was just a suggestion. I know a person who is 29 in the Geezer group.
  9. Psycheinaboat
    Yay, the group has grown!

    In HS, my class was the first to take our typing class on computers instead of typewriters.
  10. Psycheinaboat
    Just out of curiosity, what was the theme song at your HS prom? If no prom theme, what was your fav song during your teen years?
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