Your pets and you !

  1. AmeHau
    So everyone, what kind of pets do you all have ? How many ? Any exotics within the group ? Has any had any of their pets inspire pieces they've written ? And one last topic, has anyone written, or know of a good book about pets/pet care (non-fiction) ?

    I myself have 12 animals who I love dearly.

    My lovebird max, my three cats (Lily, Nala, and Kiki), hamsters (Kelly and Hilda), my mouse Geronimo, my hedgehog Larry, my ferret Maggie, my boa Amber, my childrens python Felix, and last but not least my bearded dragon Rex. Long list, I know. But I love them all.
  2. Danik 2016
    Danik 2016
    I love animals but donīt have any pets at present.
    Have a look at this author if you donīt know his books already:
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