Photo freaks

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  1. ClaesGefvenberg
    So... Start photo albums and join in here (You can add photos to this group once you have created your own albums). I already know that we have a number of good photographers around, so get a move on.

  2. Pensive
    I guess it would take some time before I can get the ones I have taken scanned but yeah that doesn't stop me from being a photo-freak!
  3. Scheherazade
    Doh! Thought this was a club for those who look like freaks in photos... like me!
  4. ClaesGefvenberg
    Um... Surely it cannot be all that bad, Scher? Would you provide us with an example and let us see for ourselves?

    /Claes (Heading for the fallout shelter )
  5. pussnboots
    yay, I'm a photo freak!!!
  6. Scheherazade
    You think a fallout shelter will do the trick? It is like going to a Hellmouth with a hand-held fan!

  7. Virgil
    Hey I just got my new D60 Nikon this week. I've yet to really play with it. Perhaps this weekend.
  8. ClaesGefvenberg
    Good on you, Virgil I'm looking forward to seeing some results from that camera here

  9. Janine
    Glad to join this group, Claes, because I love viewing good photos, even though I need a better camera. I had photography briefly in college; just black/white and developing, so I do appreciate composition, etc. I think your photos are always so well constructed and stunning. Until I get a new camera, mine is not that bad. In fact, someone told me recently, that they went to a photo seminar and actually the instructor said he had taken is best photo with a... cellphone...strange, eh? Recently my son said he would give me a newer digital, he no longer needs; he has about 4 or more by now, so I figure I could gather some good pointers in this thread. I know I will need help and advice from the experts here.

    Scher, I look like a freak in photos too, so I will join your club!
  10. ClaesGefvenberg
    The more the merrier, people. Btw: Have you had a look at Lugdunum's albums? Great pictures, lug.

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