Music Appreciation

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  1. Virgil
    Count me in!! What shall we discuss Beethoven's symphony #3? A Mozart's Chamber Quartet? Or Duke Ellington's "Sophisticated Lady"? What music are you into Sara?
  2. Virgil
    Speaking of Sophisticated lady, here Sara: I just love that melody. Unfortunately the sound quality is not that good in that version. You know until recently I never knew there were lyrics to the piece until I heard Rosemary Clooney singing it. And it's on you tube, here:
  3. Virgil
    Here are the lyrics to Sophisticated Lady:

    Sophisticated Lady
    by Duke ellington / mitchell parish / irving mills

    They say into your early life romance came
    And this heart of yours burned a flame
    A flame that flickered one day and died away
    Then, with disilution deep in your eyes
    You learned that fools in love soon grow wise
    The years have changed you, somehow
    I see you now
    Smoking, drinking, never thinking of tomorrow, nonchalant
    Diamonds shining, dancing, dining with some man in a restaurant
    Is that all you really want?
    No, sophisticated lady,
    I know, you miss the love you lost long ago
    And when nobody is nigh you cry
  4. Sarasvati21
    I'm on a Jazz run right now, so let's do Ellington's Sophistocated Lady. Splendid idea, Virgil Is a jazz focus for our conversations alright with everyone for now?
  5. Sarasvati21
    Those lyrics really are beautiful. I'm bummed; the Youtube video won't come through on my computer, but I'll look for it somewhere else.
  6. Sarasvati21
    I found Sophisticated Lady through, and only listened to thirty seconds of it, but there were some interesting harmonics in the part I listened to. The piano is really pretty.
  7. Virgil
    I think there are several recorded versions Sara. There is one with a full 1930's jazz orchestra and there is a smaller set where the piano and sax are in a sort of duet with a rhythm section in the background.
  8. Virgil
    Hey, nice to see a couple of new members.
  9. Nossa
    Oh I love that music!! I never heard of Duke Ellington before, I was never really a jazz listener. I am now however lol.
    It would be really great if we listened to classical music together and discussed it
  10. Janine
    I am not hugely into jazz, but I do appreciate Chris Botti and younger geezers in that vane, who play a softer type jazz. I really do love classical music and go as far to appreciate and love opera. I have bought several operas on DVD this past year, and truly enjoy them; most have been viewed several times by now. I love to collect soundtracks to movies; it is a passion with me - I think the scores are often overlooked and the composers are very gifted. I find the innovative sound of the movie composers quite interesting and moving. I adore the classics of course, and favorites are the probably the Russian Composers; I also love Debussy. I kind of vere toward the piano and also ballet compositions; I like music built around the piano probably best. I love full orchestration though and a wide variety of music; actually that is what makes up my own collections.
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