Magic and Mayhem

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  1. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    In someways fairy tales can be seen as some of the earliest and frist fantasy stories. Though today they are regaurded as fun stories for children, they were not always intended just as such. They come from a rich oral tradition, in a time before TV and Radio, and even many written works, they were told in taverns or around a hearth fire for everyones enjoyment. Though many do impart certain moral lessons. There are some stories that have been altered slightly by those who came to put them into print.
  2. Virgil
    Ok, I joined. I am really into folklore and would love to post some. I'm not really into magic and fantasy but perhaps we can merge interests.
  3. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    Nice to see you here. I will look forward to some of the tales you share.
  4. Niamh
    I joined too. I'm big into my myths, legends and folklore. This is where i belong.
  5. barbara0207
    I've joined because it sounds an interesting group (good title, Dark Muse!) and because there are interesting people here.

    I'm not into fantasy, either, but I understood that this group was for lovers of fairy tales. What was your intention, Dark Muse?

    And you are right, almost all of these tales were didactic. Usually they paint in black and white, giving examples of good and bad behaviour. And the punishment for the bad ones needed to be drastic back then, it seems.

    Virgil, looking forward to your stories.
  6. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    Glad to see you all here, yes the point of this group was for the discussion of fairy tales, and folk lore, but elements of fantasy to play into many fairy tales.

    In some cases the moral message of the fairy tales were acutally altered or added in by people who later came to put the tales into print, and were not always part of the original oral tradition.
  7. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    Little Red Ridding Hood for example was orignaly a suacy tale, ment to be full of sexual inuendo, told in taverns. Not a childs story with a moral message in the background.
  8. BulletproofDork
  9. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    Yes, that is true.

    There are some sholars who think that the use of red in the story was oringally to indicate the fact that she was not such a swet and innocent girl, but rather more of a lady of the night if you will.

    And the scene with the "Wolf" at the end, and the "what big eyes you have, and "what big teeth you have" and so on and so forth. Was menat to be sexually sugestive.
  10. barbara0207
    That' right. There is, however, some quarrelling about that. Some maintain that the colour red just signifies that she is no longer a child but sexually mature. Personally, I do not believe in the 'lady of the night' version. I rather see Little Red Riding Hood as a girl who has her first sexual encounter wondering about the new marvels (big eyes etc.). Some scholars say it's a story of rape, which may be the case at least in the Brothers Grimm's version.
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