A World Lit By Fire

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  1. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    HF is my favorite genre. As most of you already know of my obsession with the romantics, and days of the past. In lieu the only Historical Fiction forum I have been able to find now being non-existent, I have started this group for the discussion of all things related to Historical Fiction of any period of time.
  2. motherhubbard
    so tell me, what are some of your favorites?
  3. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    Well I love the work of Morgan Llywellyn. She deals primairly with Celtic myth and lore, and I think her works are wonderful. Druids was fantastic, as was The Lion of Ireland. And though perhaps this is more Historical Fantasy, I loved Lady of the Forest by Jennifer Roberson was marvelous. It was a story of Robin Hood. And I loved Marty Stewarts King Aurthur books.
  4. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    I am currently reading the First North American series by Kathleen O'Neal Gear and Michael Gear. So far I find the books to be interesting, perhaps they are not the most fantastic, and wowing things I have ever read, but I enjoy the story, and each book brings something unique. I am currently on book 3 People of the Earth, and I have to say so far I think this is the best of them.

    The other thing that is interesting about these books, is that they can be read stand alone, individually or out of order, without a person being completely lost. Each book is its own story, a story of a new people, yet there are elements of the prior books that weave into the story.
  5. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    Oh hey, welcome new members, glad to have you here.
  6. kilted exile
    kilted exile
    I think for historical fiction one of the first names requiring mention is Sir Walter Scott
  7. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    I have not acutally read anything by him.
  8. kilted exile
    kilted exile
    What no Ivanhoe? or Rob Roy? I lived for those stories as a child and they are the main reason for my interest in reading as an adult
  9. Dark Muse
    Dark Muse
    I would like to read Rob Roy, he is a historcial figure of which I do have an interest
  10. ntropyincarnate
    Has anyone read the Dalriada Trilogy? I've read the first book and part of the second and they're AMAZING
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