Tea and Coffee Lovers Unite

  1. plainjane
    Hey there y'all. Kiz Paws, this is nice.
    I love a pot of strong black tea first thing in the morning, but usually turn to coffee for the afternoon, hot or cold.

    For tea, it's taken me years to find the perfect tea for me, and finally a few years ago I found Taylors of Harrogate Scottish Breakfast Tea.

    For coffee, it's a local [New Orleans] blend, CDM coffee and chicory.
  2. YearningGrace
    To me, tea stirs up such fond memories of my childhood. Later in life, I was introduced to chai tea, and it has become one of my favorites, especially one known as Masala chai....I brew it from the leaves and find the aroma so intoxicating! However, I know nothing about the chrysanthemum tea that was mentioned above. My oldest daughter will graduate as a doctor of Oriental Medicine next week, so I will have to look into that one and share it with her. I look forward to drinking another cup (doing so right now) with everyone, stirring around the leaves, and uncovering new flavors and aromas.
  3. Maryd.
    Hi all,

    Just saying hi for the first time here. I am an avid coffee drinker and I can tell you which cafes in melb. Aust. sell the best coffees. Sad but true. I like to leave the house for a cuppacino. But making an average coffee I like to do at home as I am very fussy on how it is done. Every home I visit now I ask for water instead so as not to put the host out.
  4. DanielBenoit
    Hello everybody, thought I'd join in.

    I love coffee with a passion and have it 90% of the time black as midnight.

    For all who love coffee and David Lynch, I thought this would be appropriate.

  5. kingoflombards
  6. Haunted
    I've written enough about coffee in game questions threads that it's about time I joined. I'm having one right now. If I don't have my coffee first thing in the morning, I simply can't function.
  7. Maryd.
    If I don't have coffee 6 or 7 times a day I start to shake and get nervous... Sound addicted. So be it!
  8. Haunted
    Mary, you're definitely a coffee addict. I have serious withdrawal symptoms too. Hmm better make sure we have enough coffee!
  9. Maryd.
    Should go and get one now. Hehehe
  10. Haunted
    get one for me too
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