Tea and Coffee Lovers Unite

  1. kingoflombards
    I LOVE espresso! I drink a glass of it every morning....probably not too good for my teachers though
  2. Nightshade
    hey iced tea recipie anyone??
  3. kingoflombards
    Sure, sounds like a cool thing to know!
  4. Weisinheimer
    ok...new favorite drink -- London fog. It's earl gray tea with steamed milk and some vanilla syrup. soooooooo good.
  5. Eugenie
    Sounds wonderful. I have earl grey every time I go to Starbucks. .
    it's the truth, the coffee is so strong it brings tears to my eyes. I have tried putting like half a barrel of cream in it but it does not do much.
    I accidently pulled out the wrong packet at Starbucks last week and ended up with passion tea. It was too sweet for me. I am finicky about how sweet. It can' be too little or too much. No one can make my tea for me, it never works out!
    I love my cup of tea at night as well. I actually will wake up in the middle of the night, say around two and make some if I fell asleep without doing so. And then, just like that, my world is right again.
    And honestly if I have ever run out of my favorite tea, I don't care if the meal is the best on earth, I can't have it until I get to the store and buy my precious tea. My precious.....hey I am sounding like Gollum. (shivers)
  6. Nightshade
    steamed milk?
  7. kiz_paws
    I found the coffee in Europe to be more expensive than their wine prices... why is this? ** scratches head **
  8. kiz_paws
    Do you guys realize that we have 45 members here todate? That is awesome!

    I raise my teacup (of White Tea with a hint of Raspberry ) to you all!
  9. Helga
    when I saw this group I just had to join. I couldn't or wouldn't live without coffee. I am addicted to freshly brewed coffee in the morning, afternoon and at night. I do drink tea too but not a lot, but chamomile is my favourite
  10. Red-Headed
    My favourite tea is Lapsang Souchong:


    It's best drank black with honey. Twinnings is excellent. Mind you, I'm English so I am bound to love tea!
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