Tea and Coffee Lovers Unite

  1. Weisinheimer
    anyone like their coffee black? I do, sometimes, when I'm in certain moods. I'm not big on having alot of sugar and flavoring messing with my coffee. Mostly I just have it with cream.
  2. K.K.
    Definitely! I like my coffee black when the flavor is really good, and it has not been brewed too strongly. Most of the time, however, I take my coffee with a little cream -- never with any sugar.
  3. Eugenie
    Welcome K.K.
    how wonderful to see so many posts. I thought it was going to be just me and me for a while.
    I tried, I really tried to like just black coffee, but I just have to have some cream or milk in it. I can go without sweetener, but not that.
    And Miss Scarlett, I agree, those Mocha drinks are a dessert in themselves. I too have only had perhaps one and I thought I would burst.
    Is there any favorite food any of you like to have with a nice cup of coffee, just the way you like it? I don't like a lot of sweets, but a small piece of moist spice cake or a couple of small homemade cookies is lovely now and then.
  4. breathtest
    I have had nine cups of coffee in the last three hours. I feel sick but wonderful!
  5. K.K.
    Ooh, spice cake with coffee is wonderful. I also like biscotti, though I've never taken to dunking it... I'm not terribly fond of soggy food.
  6. K.K.
    I had an iced green tea today at a bagel shop, and it was waaaay to sweet. I don't know why I keep trying sweetened iced teas, they are always more sweet than I like them.

    Do any of you have sweetened iced drinks that you particularly like or dislike??
  7. Weisinheimer
    I like making my own iced tea, with just a little bit of honey. I don't really like sweetened drinks very much.
  8. a_little_wisp
    If I don't have a cup of tea before bedtime, I wake up the next morning and my whole world seems have been tilted upside down. :/ It's like waking up on the wrong side of the bed!
  9. Joreads
    I love a cup (in my case decafe tea) before bed time it is calming somehow
  10. paisleypost
    cinnamon tea! i drink it all day every day.
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