Tea and Coffee Lovers Unite

  1. Weisinheimer
    A friend of mine has a French Press. I didn't really notice much of a difference.
  2. Janine
    What is a French Press? does it grind the coffee? or is it the make of the coffee machine? I have a cappucino maker. Is it something like that?
  3. Weisinheimer
    It's a type of coffee maker. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_press
  4. Janine
    That is interesting Weisinheimer; pretty funky looking coffee maker. I skimmed the article, for now, but I found this part really cool: "French press captures more of the coffee's flavour and essential oils, which would become trapped in a traditional drip brew machine's paper filters"...I would imagine the essential oils would also be a health benefit. Coffee does have lot of good anti-oxidents in it, I believe.
    I have a Krups capuccino machine. I love it because I love to mix the various coffee beans and grind them. I wonder if it has the benefit of the essential oils as well since you don't use a paper coffee filter. I love experimenting with various bean combinations. Last time I bought Hazelnut, Vanilla bean, Light Morning, and mixed it with a blend I had already made. It turned out pretty good. My friend uses Kona, but I can't seem to find the beans to get ground at the supermarket. I think that one of these days I will have to invest in a grinder. I love making the frothy milk now; it took practice but now it comes out wonderful. I put vanilla and a little sweetener in it and use 2% low fat milk....delicious...
  5. Psycheinaboat
    I may be getting a Krups for Christmas. My espresso maker is a Mr. Coffee, and believe it or not, I have found it to be a really good machine. I would love to have a Krups for plain drip coffee, though.
  6. Janine
    The Krups really works well and it is easy to operate. Fairly soon I have to run some vinegar through it, to clean it out more thoroughly, but one need not do this very often. I usually let the steamer run, after making capucciono and that clears out the steam nozzle. I had to get into the swing of using it, because the first time I frothed the milk, it flew all over my kitchen. One doesn't need much in the pitcher to froth; in fact, the first time I had it nearly full, which the instructions indicated and that caused an overflow. Now I only put in about 1/4 of the small frothing pitcher's capacity of milk. You have to buy the stainless steel pitcher separately, but it is nice to have. When done frothing the 1/4 level of milk, the pitcher is full - very frothy and light. You might like your own coffee without milk or froth. However, it is nice to have a unit to serve guests expresso or cappuccino - such a special treat! Yum...forgot to mention, I shake cinnamon on top...I love the stuff!
  7. motherhubbard
    I'm having some Constant Comment. It smells like Christmas to me.
  8. Janine
    Will have to try that one. Is that an herbal blend?
  9. motherhubbard
    it's this one
  10. Janine
    That is black pekoe tea, isn't it? No, not herbal, so I can't drink it. Thanks for posting the picture, Think I did have that one years back; it was quite good.
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