Tea and Coffee Lovers Unite

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  1. kiz_paws
    I know that I have made it clear that I am a coffee-aholic, but I also really love tea. So much that I made a social group. Hope others will pop in ...
  2. Janine
    Kizzo, thanks for inviting me for tea! I guess I need to join this one, because I certainly have enough teacups... So shall I provide the china? I love the two that you have already posted - the one on the right is so delicate and lovely - love that handle and shape - very English; is it? I don't actually drink black tea anymore; too acidy for me. I drink many types of herbal teas and love them, so I am sure I can make suggestions concerning herbal teas. Of course, one does not get the 'kick' from an herbal tea, as with coffee and black tea...still they are healthy and fun.
  3. Nossa
    I'm a huge tea fan Black tea, green tea, earl grey...you name
  4. Janine
    Nossa, I used to drink all of those and loved them; unfortunately not allowed to have them now due to the acid content - still one gets all those great anti-oxidants (sp?) from tea. Earl Grey was my favorite...hummm...
  5. kiz_paws
    Hey, glad to see you all!

    Yes, though I do thoroughly love a good cup of joe, a cup of tea brings me to a different side of myself -- in that my grandmother only served tea in fine bone china. Well, to make a long story short, tea brings me a few moments of real inner happiness.

    Corny? But true.

    My favorite tea time of all is at this place in the country that serves a 'traditional' English high tea; complete with Devonshire cream and fresh strawberry preserves. OMG, heaven or what!
  6. sprinks
    Oh yay!! Thanks kiz! I love tea (although I know one litnetter once pointed out the differences between tea and tisane, but it's so much easier to keep calling it tea). Espeically green tea and chrysanthemum tea. My acupuncturist suggested the chrysanthemum tea, and at first I wasn't too keen on it, but now I love it! The only thing is that I found "instant chrysanthemum tea" and I haven't tried it yet... The reason we got it was so that instead of me carting the flowers over when I stay at other peoples places, they can keep some of the instant stuff at their place. I know I should try it soon, because I might not like it! At first I always had it with honey, but now I just have it plain. The instant ones have rock sugar in them, which is why I'm a little wary, because it'll be different with sugar.
  7. Janine
    I know what you mean, kiz and of course, it must be served in style and in a fine bone china teacup is excellent style. OMG - Devonshire cream sounds delightful! I have never had it ,but just the name, makes me think it has to be special. Fresh preserves are the best. I used to cook them myself and put them up, long long ago, in my domestic period.

    sprinks, I never heard of chrysanthemum tea and I go to a healthfood store, that has tons of herbal and special teas; I must ask, on next trip, if they have it. I try to sample different teas all the time. I once bought a few strange ones - sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes a not. I found this really good cinnamon apple spice I just love - it is so 'cinnamony'; I drink chamomile a lot and peppermint. I love Gingsing - any type; but normally I buy that in a kind of instant pack; easily portable. So, sprinks, you make your tea directly from the flowers? Interesting. By the way, what exactly is rock sugar?
  8. motherhubbard
    I love to drink tea. Right now Iím having some herb tea that is specially blended to promote heart health. Itís tasty enough. This is the cup Iím using tonight.

  9. Janine
    Hi motherhubbard! Is that cup made by Anchor Hocking or Fireking? I use to sell collectables/vintage/antiques. I know I have seen those somewhere before.
  10. motherhubbard
    yes it is. I have it in yellow, blue, green, and red. My grandmother used to have some like it.
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