The Teenage Corner!

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  1. sprinks
    This is such a cool idea! Yay!
  2. Lily Adams
    Lily Adams
    Yes, I am an acne-covered, drooling, knuckle-dragging teenager. Does that qualify?
  3. browneyedbailey
    i'm new to teen hood. anything i need to know?
  4. eyemaker
    Anything school stuff to discuss??
    By the way! Happy Birthday to our Baki! Enjoy your birthday baki!
  5. Bakiryu
    Thanks eyemaker.

    Any of you guys know any good study tips? I've been trying to study but French 3 and ADHD don't seem to mix
  6. ShadowFire
    Great idea are so cool. Anyway, browneyedbailey, I have tons of advice, but first I would like to say: enjoy being a teen! Once you're old you can't go back. Even though some adults act as if they never grew up

    Well, teacher's have doomed me. They obviously think I have no other life, but to work on school work. This is going to be a tough year. And Bakiryu, sorry I have no advice. I just throw the information into short term memory for the tests, but never cheat I have you know.

    Well, just wanted to say Hey to everyone
  7. msawia21
    i think its a great idea. it'll allow us to relate to other teenage reader.
  8. eyemaker
    Baki, I myself done this countless times..I don't think this may fit the way you study..But no harm in trying right? Anyway, most of the time when I'm studying I do it orally, and try walking around your house while doing that..or try putting your feet in a very cold water, it may somehow motivate you not to sleep Those things somehow helped me...that's why i'm on our dean's List
    try this link THIS MIGHT help

    cheers to our new members!
  9. ShadowFire
    Oh the walking around the house sounds good...okay answer me this everyone: do you walk around aimlessly while talking on the telephone or am I just that weird?
  10. Chritic
    hi.........knew to this group n jus making my presence known
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