Lord of the Rings

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  1. Weisinheimer
    Cool. We have groups now.
    ummm...yay LOTR!
  2. toni
    I love the quote above!
  3. farnoosh
    so what are we going to do?
  4. SleepyWitch
    I've read LotR only once and have been wanting to re-read it for ages. I'll do it after my graduation exams, i.e. in December/ January.
  5. andave_ya
    ohh YES!! I'm so here!!
  6. manolia
    Greeting all LOTR fans!!
  7. andave_ya
    COME ON, you guys, lets do something!! I'll start -- what is your favorite part in LOTR? Mine is...mine is...um...oh, the Houses of Healing, for one, and, um, the part where Aragorn finds the "scion of the Oldest Trees" at the very end, and anything and everything with Galadriel in it. I know you all are expecting me to say something about Boromir, but the major scene with him in it is just tooooooo sad
  8. Weisinheimer
    Ok, favorite parts...that's so hard there's so many. Well, in fellowship I really like the mines of Moria, with Frodo getting hit by the spear and everything, and Gandalf and the Balrog. Oh and the bit at the end of fellowship with Boromir is AWESOME, though I agree with Andya it is really sad.
    ok, in Towers...oh man...it's been a long time since I've read the two towers and I'm getting the book mixed up with the movie. Wait, Boromir's scene is actually in towers isn't it? stupid movies messing me up.
    In Return I love the part at Mount Doom. Smeagol biting off Frodo's finger is just sooo cool.
  9. ntropyincarnate
    oh boy...well i love Strider in the inn at Bree...i love anything with Faramir, especially Houses of Healing...i love the part where Eowyn's trying to get Aragorn to let her go with him on the Paths of the Dead...i love the coronation...and i love Beregond. Don't ask me why...
  10. andave_ya
    Beregond is sooooooo cool, I agree. I love how he loves Faramir so much, and I love Aragorn's "punishment" of Beregond for killing that man -- sentenced to protecting Faramir always!
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