The lemon drops corner!

  1. sprinks
    Yay! I like them!
  2. mickitaz
    I second that notion. I work in a call center, so drinks and hard candy help while talking on the phone Being a Harry Potter fan, started picking these guys up after the mention in one of the books that this is Dumbledore's favorite "sweet".
  3. papayahed
    I love me some lemon drops.
  4. eyemaker
    Who wants some lemon drops?
  5. papayahed
    doh! Those look good.
  6. Sin of Red
    Sin of Red
    Try em frozen, they be awesome.
  7. kingoflombards
    Dude, and I thought that I was the only lemon lover out there. I mean seriously you ask someone what their favorite candy is and most of them will say chocolate. I love lemons!!
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