Harry Potter Movie and Book Appreciation Group.

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  1. mickitaz
    Ah.. a section after my own heart I loved all the books, facinated by the movies. I am so sad they are done with. While we still have two movies to go, knowing the ending kinda takes the fun out of it (only a little though).

    I honestly have to say my favorite book out of the set was "The Order of the Pheonix". There was so much information, and relationships really started developing here. Not to mention, the characters themselves, started to change from the little kids we were aquainted with, to responsible adults.
  2. ldevier
    Oh fellow nerds... I was obsessed with Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling was my hero and then what does she do?? Writes another book, however insignificant, and only make a handful of copies for friends? WHAT?? I was there waiting when the bookstores opened with my preorder ticket in hand. Singing her praises to anyone who would listen. And then she does this to me. I don't understand the woman. If not for us, the fans, or in my case fanatics, where would she be?
  3. eyemaker
    I can't wait till November!
  4. LC_Lancer
    I have several students who have read the series. We have had discussions that make other students bored. They all want to know when will Deathly Hallows be released in paperback. I see where it is in paperback in the UK, but not the USA.
  5. kratsayra
    I'm always shocked, when I make a Harry Potter reference in class, at how few of my students seem to get it. And they are supposed to be the prime Harry Potter age group.
  6. LC_Lancer
    But my students tell me, "Why read? We can see the movie?" I tell them to see what the writer wanted them to see, not the director, producer, actor, or screenwriter wanted.
  7. xlxlauraxlx

    I've read all the Harry Potter books, and most of mine are a bit battered now since i had the earlier ones at a young age.

    My favourite is the Goblet of Fire and I often reread the ending when Harry has a tantrum at Dumbledore. I enjoy it.
  8. wsww
    when books are taken as movie such as in HP's case. Its great in a way to see our imaginative characters come to life as we had want them . But majority point goes into the idea of losing the real enjoyment in reading a book with the authors really funny comments like that of all that made by fred & george in the book, isn't it!?
  9. xlxlauraxlx
    What was the general opinion when Rowling said Dumbledore was gay??
  10. wsww
    hey! was it that true!?
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