What I talk about when I talk about Haruki Murakami

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  1. lugdunum
    I don't know about strange events happening to me when I least expect them but I certainly love Murakami... so I'll join you.
  2. TheFifthElement
    Ah, nice to see you lugdunum
  3. TheFifthElement
    If anyone has read What I talk about when I talk about running why not share your favourite quotes here? I like this one: "Writing novels, to me, is basically a kind of manual labour."
  4. lugdunum
    Hey Fifth (it's ok to call u that right?), I see you're a Japanese culture fan between Murakami and your Princess Mononoke avatar. Loved that movie by the way... have you seen Howl's moving castle or any other Studio Ghibli movies?
  5. lugdunum
    I imagine you'll let me quote other Murakami's books won't you?
  6. mickitaz
    Having recently found Haruki.. I am becoming a vast fan. Doubled with this fact, is that most of his books are available as ebooks.

    As for cats.. I have three of them..Taz, Spaz and Serena. I like my solitude.

    How is this for a quote?
    "'How much do you love me?' Midori asked.
    "Enough to melt all the tigers in the world to butter, ' I said."
    Norwegian Wood: Haruki Murakami pg 264-265
  7. TheFifthElement
    Welcome mickitaz - nice quote lugdunum - feel free to quote any Murakami book you like!
  8. mickitaz
    Okay.. here is another one. Sorry still from Norwegien Wood (going to be reading After Dark soon)

    Pg 282 (Naoko speaking( "I am getting rid of everything from the past so I can be reborn in the future."
  9. TheFifthElement
    After Dark is really good mickitaz - Murakami describes the city so well, like a living breathing beast, but one of those from a Hayao Miyazaki movie, probably oozing something! As always it has the classic Murakami style to it, very easy to read and intreguing, though the story only spans a few hours.
  10. mickitaz
    cool. I just started reading Murakami, and I like his easy flow of writing. His way of describing certain scenes is quite remarkable. I was planning on reading some of his other material. As it turns out, I bought myself an ereader for my birthday (used). The one I bought has several books loaded on it already, and this is one of them. This should be the next book on my reading list.
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